Sunday, 30 March 2014

Need a Weekly Quiz for Your Pub?

Check out our regular Weekly Quiz

The weekly quiz is now available for this week.

Published every Sunday evening our regular weekly quiz is actually comes in two formats:

pubsquiz weekly quiz

6 Round Regular Quiz

This includes six themed rounds of ten questions each, including a picture round. A total of 60 questions on a range of subjects which changes each week, but typically includes a picture round, a general knowledge round, a true or false round, and a chain answers round where the last letter of one answer forms the first letter of the next answer.

Bingo Quiz

Also included is a bingo style quiz with 36 questions, including a picture round and answer sheets for players. The players place their answers randomly in the answer sheet and then when marking the answers the winner is the first team to get a series of adjacent correct answers across the grid (in any permutation from a straight line to a series of cells moving up and down so long as they form an unbroken line from one side to the other).

Weekly pub quiz - click here