Sunday, 30 March 2014

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Published every Sunday evening our regular weekly quiz is actually comes in two formats:

pubsquiz weekly quiz

6 Round Regular Quiz

This includes six themed rounds of ten questions each, including a picture round. A total of 60 questions on a range of subjects which changes each week, but typically includes a picture round, a general knowledge round, a true or false round, and a chain answers round where the last letter of one answer forms the first letter of the next answer.

Bingo Quiz

Also included is a bingo style quiz with 36 questions, including a picture round and answer sheets for players. The players place their answers randomly in the answer sheet and then when marking the answers the winner is the first team to get a series of adjacent correct answers across the grid (in any permutation from a straight line to a series of cells moving up and down so long as they form an unbroken line from one side to the other).

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nice Sausage, But Don't Forget The Lettuce Munchers

My local pubquiz is like a great many quizzes, in that it provides a late buffet before the answers are revealed for the weekly pub quiz. It saves me having to cook at least one evening a week after I arrive home from work and then walk down the road to the local with the usual ruffians to pit our wits against the array of general knowledge that will be thrown at us to stir the grey matter.

Of the local quiz nights I have attended the buffet has been a big feature and part of the draw. Provided free of charge by the landlord it makes the publican appear generous and concerned for the good will and happiness of his customers. The food has ranged from chicken and chips, pie and peas, and in one case a selection of beef and onion sandwiches, egg and cress sandwiches, cheese and onion, sausage rolls, pizza slices, chips and sausages.

So at the current local quiz night I am in line with the other contestants to take my pick at the grub. I shuffle along in line until I reach the head of the queue, until I see in front of me the array of treats. This week I am presented with the selection of sausages, bread rolls, pieces of pork pie, or bread and dripping.

As a certified blood drinking, meat eating carnivore this is an adequate feast. However, a work colleague, and rabbit food munching pasty vegetarian was also partaking in the quiz. Sadly, as hungry as he might have been, and as much as he might have been looking forward to the buffet, he found his only option was to buy a bag of crisps from the bar.

Which raises the question - if you are providing a buffet, can you afford not to cater to the lettuce eaters? Whether it is a bit of salad, a bowl of peanuts, or some oven chips, there will be some culinary delight you can provide which will require minimum thought, preparation and keep both the vegetarians and carnivores happy.

As for me - so long as there are vegetarians, I won't starve... ;o)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fancy Your Chance on Television? Don't Blow the Inheritance

‘Don’t Blow the Inheritance’ is an exciting new quiz show where two person teams, made up of generations of the same family, must make it through a series of knock out general knowledge rounds to build up their Inheritance Prize Fund and make it through to the final.



Contestants needed for new game show

Parents (grandparents, aunts and uncles) battle to build the Inheritance Prize Fund up with thousands of pounds ready to pass on to the next generation. However, the younger generation team mate can only take the Inheritance Prize Fund home if they don’t “blow it all” at the end of the game!

It’s down to the younger generation to answer the final questions correctly so they can keep the cash rather than blowing all of mum, dad or granny’s hard work!

We are on the look out for fun and lively personalities who would like to take part in the programme, appearing on the show and possibly winning themselves some money. We will be holding nationwide auditions over the next few weeks. Any help you can provide us in spreading the word about our search for potential contestants would be very much appreciated. I have attached a flyer in the hope that you could circulate it to people on your mailing list or amongst colleagues, friends

Please do not hesitate to contact the production team at 12 Yard Productions if you need any more information or if indeed you would like an application form for yourself.

For more details and how to apply email today at quoting
All applicants must be 18 years of age or over andbe currently resident and living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
Applications are subject to the terms and conditions in the application form.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Badly Drawn Album Covers

Can you identify the artists and albums from the badly drawn album covers displayed below:






You can get the full picture quiz for your quiz night at

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our Survey Said... A Quiz Format with a Difference

The typical pub quiz takes one of a number of formats - be it 40 mixed questions of general knowledge, or several rounds of specific themed trivia with or without a picture round or "table quiz". For a quiz with a difference, maybe to introduce a bit of novelty into your quiz night, how about "Our Survey Said..." style quiz.

You will be familiar with the format from the popular television shows such as Family Fortunes where a survey is conducted of typically 100 people, and the aim is to guess the answers that were given, with more points being scored for the most popular answers.

Ensure that before the quiz starts that you have printed enough answer sheets for your players.The answer sheets should allow spaces for  the teams to put the top five answers. An example answer sheet can be seen here:

They should each add their team name onto the sheet – you may want to impose a size limit on the teams involved.

Once everyone is settled, and everyone who requires an answer sheet has one, you should commence with reading the survey questions out to the room. Ensure that everyone can hear you, and if necessary repeat the question several times before moving on.

You will probably want your quiz to last an hour or so, and so you should leave a brief interval between each question. This will give players time to allow discussions amongst themselves. To give the quiz a more personal feel, you might like to suggest that the survey was conducted locally, when asking the question.

The players should decide amongst themselves the most popular answers for each question, and then rank their answers from 1 to 5 on the answer sheet. Unlike a typical quiz this format will require negotiation and discussion between the players to come to a decision on placement of the answers. Remember also that the trick is to guess what those surveyed said, and not necessarily the “correct” answer – after all those surveyed often come up with bizarre answers, as can be seen in our blog at:

Once all the questions have been asked, take a break – this is a good opportunity to allow people to get to the bar for drinks, or to provide food as part of your quiz evening.

Finally you will read out the answers to the questions. Players score one point for each correct answer they have entered for each question, irrespective of which order they put them in. They should also score a bonus point if they have managed to guess the top answer for each question, so there is a maximum of 6 available points per question. Once all answers have been provided and scored, you should create a bit of drama by establishing the scores of the teams in ascending order.

You will want to provide an appropriate prize for the winning team. You might also optionally want to provide a runners up prize,and even a booby prize for the lowest scoring team.

Remember the golden rule for your quiz event: IT SHOULD BE FUN.

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Good luck with your quiz…

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cead Mile Failte - That Is Happy St Patrick's Day To You

Well, kinda. The phrase actually translates literally as "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes."
Mark this date in your diary - 17th March - it's St Patrick's Day. And if you don't do something to celebrate it in your local then you are missing a trick. And possibly lucrative extra income... But who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick

Little is known about him, but he was taken as a slave from his native Wales in Roman Britain, by Irish raiders at the age of 16. He was taken to Ireland where he lived for a further six years in captivity before escaping to a port returning to his family aboard a ship. In later life he entered the church, returned to Ireland where he was active as a Christian missionary, and became a bishop. Legend has it that he both drove snakes from Ireland, and used the shamrock to symbolise the holy trinity. St Patricks Day is celebrated in Ireland on the anniversary of his death on 17th March 461 AD (though the precise year is much disputed).

Happy St Patricks Day

Pour me a Guinness and grab me a leprechaun (and all those other daft racist stereotypes)- its that time of year again when we celebrate the culture and traditions of our brethren from the Emerald Isle. Whether it be Father Ted, or Daniel O'Donnell or even gap toothed smile of Shane McGowan, we love em all and this month celebrate the Irish.
Whether you believe the saintly Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland or not (and we have our doubts), God bless and Happy St Patricks Day.

Irish Themed Decor

Themes for an Irish evening include leprechauns, shamrocks, Irish flags, and the colour green in abundance. Your staff can perhaps join in the celebrations by sporting green outfits, or even dressing as the little folk!!!

Traditional Irish Food

Naturally any Irish themed event will have plenty of Guinness available. But you might also want to provide your customers with traditional Irish foods such as Irish Stew, and soda bread. Your customers will probably be happy to pay a small fee for food and refreshments supplied, or alternatively you could include the costs in the price of entry to a pub quiz.

Irish Themed Quizzes

And don't forget that at we have a host of St Patricks Day themed quizzes, and posters to help promote your Irish themed event at

Friday, 24 February 2012

Our Survey Said: What!?! Crazy Mothers!

At we recently undertook an exercise to survey our mailing list to help us compile a series of "Our Survey Said"/"Family Fortunes" type questions. The idea was simple, we ask the question, the newsletter subscribers would send us the first answer which came to mind - and we would record the most popular answers to compile our finished quiz.

What we were perhaps not so prepared for, though watching the tv show for decades should have readied us, was some of the more humorous or bizarre answers which were supplied. And so for purposes of humour and education we have provided some of the more unusual responses here.

Name a species of dinosaur?

We can probably thank films like Jurassic Park for popularising the obvious top answer of Tyranosaurus Rex, as it has been demonised and turned into a ferocious hulking killer, something nightmares are made of. Other dinosaurs which featured in the survey responses were Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Diplodocus and Pteradactyl. Given the Jurassic Park influence it is surprising Velociraptor did not feature more prominently. No chicken sized Compsognathus either...

Name a famous London tourist attraction?

Buckingham palace? Downing Street? The Millenium Dome/O2 Arena perhaps? Not with our survey. The most popular London Landmark which comes to mind is the iconic London Eye.

Name an item you would find in the garden?

Tools of various kinds featured (rakes, hoes, spades, forks). This was followed in popularity by flowers and plants, garden sheds. But the answers also reflected the broad range of different things people keep in their gardens: swings, trampolines, lawn mowers, hoses, garden gnomes, bird tables, fish ponds, bbqs, trees, plant pots, sundials. And one respondent apparently owns a fountain....

Name a television puppet character?

The responses to this question must betray the [unverified] range of ages of the people who responded to the survey. Whilst the top answers were as expected, with Sooty and Basil Brush, less popular answers included Gordon the Gopher, Captain Scarlet, Finger Mouse, Troy Tempest, and Andy Pandy. Perhaps equally surprising then is that neither mangy Hartley Hare or Bagpuss featured. Stranger answers that did included cartoon character Bart Simpson and Teletubby La-La.

Name an activity you do with one hand?

The question immediately begs a x-rated answer, and indeed our respondents obliged with what one reply referred to as "Indulge in Oneism", and which we tweely categorised as "the naughty thing". In the interests of politeness you might want to wash your one hand before partaking of the other responses: shaking hands, writing, shaving, painting, playing darts or brushing your teeth...

Name an activity enjoyed by pensioners?

Not dead yet, but hoping whistfully for the grave according to our survey. Activities enjoyed by our elder citizens according to our scientifically conducted poll include drinking, gossiping, being grumpy, moaning, sleeping and death. For those still this side of the hereafter, other activities included bowling, knitting, golf, coach trips, sex and jigsaws. Oh joy.

Name a member of the Royal Family?

The results for this question confirmed what you might expect, that whilst the Queen is greatly respected, the younger royals are more popular than their preceeding generation. Harry and William polled higher than their father Charles, with Harry also being more popular than his brother.

What is a popular name for a dog?

We should have known better than to ask something like this. Apart from the names Rover (16 responses), and Rex (6) almost every response was for a completely different name, ranging from Fido, Spot, Ben and Max to Deefor (as in "D for" dog), Shep, Bonzo, Gerald, Patch,Monty, Bello, Bruno, Buster, etc etc. Everyone has their unique favourite.

Not so great when trying to compile a bloody quiz though...