Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nice Sausage, But Don't Forget The Lettuce Munchers

My local pubquiz is like a great many quizzes, in that it provides a late buffet before the answers are revealed for the weekly pub quiz. It saves me having to cook at least one evening a week after I arrive home from work and then walk down the road to the local with the usual ruffians to pit our wits against the array of general knowledge that will be thrown at us to stir the grey matter.

Of the local quiz nights I have attended the buffet has been a big feature and part of the draw. Provided free of charge by the landlord it makes the publican appear generous and concerned for the good will and happiness of his customers. The food has ranged from chicken and chips, pie and peas, and in one case a selection of beef and onion sandwiches, egg and cress sandwiches, cheese and onion, sausage rolls, pizza slices, chips and sausages.

So at the current local quiz night I am in line with the other contestants to take my pick at the grub. I shuffle along in line until I reach the head of the queue, until I see in front of me the array of treats. This week I am presented with the selection of sausages, bread rolls, pieces of pork pie, or bread and dripping.

As a certified blood drinking, meat eating carnivore this is an adequate feast. However, a work colleague, and rabbit food munching pasty vegetarian was also partaking in the quiz. Sadly, as hungry as he might have been, and as much as he might have been looking forward to the buffet, he found his only option was to buy a bag of crisps from the bar.

Which raises the question - if you are providing a buffet, can you afford not to cater to the lettuce eaters? Whether it is a bit of salad, a bowl of peanuts, or some oven chips, there will be some culinary delight you can provide which will require minimum thought, preparation and keep both the vegetarians and carnivores happy.

As for me - so long as there are vegetarians, I won't starve... ;o)